Insurance & Medicare


Osteopathic Treatment is only covered by Medicare if you are under a Chronic Disease Management/ CDM Plan (previously known as an Enhanced Primary Care (EPC) plan), set up by your General Practitioner. CDM plans allow eligible patients up to five Osteopathic visits per year to be covered under Medicare. To be eligible for an CDM plan, patients must be suffering from a chronic (long standing) and complex condition. Chronic conditions may include things such as arthritis, repetitive strain injuries (eg tennis elbow), neck related headaches and migraines, chronic low back pain or muscular pain. It is up to your GP's discretion as to whether you are eligible to participate in the program.

The CDM program entitles eligible patients to a rebate of around $50 per osteopathic treatment for 5 treatments per calendar year. At time of your consultation, you will be charged the standard fee and then you take the receipt to Medicare and claim back your rebate. A gap fee is therefore paid for as an out of pocket expense by you the patient. If you feel that you may be eligible to claim Osteopathic treatment under a CDM plan, please speak to your General Practitioner.

Veterans affairs, TAC and Work Cover

Osteopaths are able to treat and bulk bill patients supported by third-party insurers such as Work cover, the TAC or the Department of Veterans Affairs. Please note there may be a gap payment for TAC and WorkCover. Please discuss this when making your appointment.

Work cover patients will need to bring in details of their case when they come in for treatment. These include their claim number, date of injury, employer details and insurer’s details.

TAC patients also need to bring in the details of their case when they come in for treatment. These include their claim number, date of accident and insurer’s details.

Department of Veterans Affairs patients are also able to been seen by our Osteopaths. A patient must first obtain a referral to the Osteopath they are booked in to see from their General Practitioner. This referral then lasts for one year for unlimited treatments.


Many private Health insurance extras policies will cover some to all of the cost of Osteopathic treatment. This varies from policy to policy so please check with you insurer for your entitled rebate.

Brunswick Family Osteopathy has a HICAPS facility which allows you to claim your rebate on the spot if you bring in your Private Health Insurance card. This saves you the hassle of having to visit your private health insurer to claim.

Please don't hesitate to ring our clinic to talk to us about your individual requirements.